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Three Bears Espresso


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*seasonal blend of espresso  – Guatemala Huehuetanango CODECH & Ethiopia Sidamo – Natural & El Salvador Buenos Aires*

Guatemala Huehuetanango CODECH (40%)

Origin Guatemala
Region Concepción Huista, Huehuetenango
Farm 350 Smallholders
Variety Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Paches
Altitude 1000-2000 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed

CODECH is an organization that is centered in the municipality of Concepción Huista in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. It was founded in 1998 as a means of seeking sustainable alternative development programs for the region, and it comprises 10 different groups, four of which are focused mainly on organic farming.

CODECH (Coordinator of Organizations for the Development of Concepcion Huista) is a second-tier organization located in the municipality of Concepcion Huista in the department of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. Itcomprises 10 different organizations.

CODECH was founded in 1998, as representatives of the member organizations were in search of alternative development programs for the community in Concepcion Huista.One of CODECH’s main objectives is the participation of women in society and the workforce. Gregorio, the general manager of CODECH, is also pushing for farmers to renovate their farms. He believes they could be producing about three times their current volume on average.

The organization’s organic certification is not only indiciative of its commitment to being environmentally friendly, but also to be independent from transnationals which produce fertilizers. They are also want independence from the price of oil (used in fertilizers). Gregorio also believes that there is a growing market for organic products and wants to meet that demand.

Ethiopia Sidamo – Natural (20%)

Origin Ethiopia
Region Idido, Yirgacheffe
Variety Typica, various Ethiopian heirloom varieties
Altitude 1850-1880 masl
Proc. Method Natural

Sidama is a large coffee-growing region in the south, and includes Guji and the famous Yirgacheffe.

Here is a very basic breakdown of what we look for in coffees from some of the microregions of Yirgacheffe, in the Sidama region.

ADADO: Delicate stone fruit with citrus and floral layers that create a nice balanced structure.

ARICHA: Complex and almost tropical, with a juicy fruit base and a sugary, floral sweetness.

BERITI: Prominent florals backed by a creamy citrus.

CHELCHELE: Cooked-sugar sweetness more like toffee or caramel, almond, and a floral, citrus overtone.

KOCHERE: Fruit tea backed by citrus and stone fruit.

KONGA: Peach and apricot—more floral stone fruit—along with a strong, tart citrus.

** About Ethiopian place names: There is much confusion and inconsistency where place names are concerned in Ethiopia, partially due to the fact that Amharic does not use a Roman alphabet like English does. Therefore, it is not necessarily incorrect to spell the region as Yirgacheffe, Yirgachefe, or even Yirga Chefe. We have chosen a company-wide set of standard spellings for clarity’s sake, but there are various ways of interpreting the phonetic spelling of certain places.

El Salvador Buenos Aires (40%)

Origin El Salvador
Region Volcan de Santa Ana
Farm Buenos Aires smallholders
Variety Various
Altitude 1400-1800 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed

High up on the north face of Volcan de Santa Ana, Buenos Aires is one of the best coffee areas of El Salvador. It’s a tight-knit community where farmers help harvest each other’s cherries.

*All info courtesy of Cafe Imports*

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