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Grin and Bear It Espresso


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*seasonal blend of espresso  – Colombia Nariñ0 & Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley*

Colombia Nariño (70%)

Origin Colombia
Region Nariño
Farm Various Smallholders
Variety Various
Altitude 1500-2000 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed

As always, we believe our Regional Select program allows for the unique flavors and complexities of specific coffee-producing areas to be individually highlighted. This terroir-focused approach celebrates producers in each region; their varieties, their histories and farming practices, while at the same time rewarding them for their efforts through a program that pays higher prices for quality coffees.

While each of Colombia’s various coffee-growing regions has a distinct character in the cup, Nariño’s unique climate conditions contribute to the special, sparkling quality of the coffees there. The dramatic slopes and valleys that comprise the landscape in this department have direct effect on the temperature modulation that creates these high-acidity, supersweet coffees: Warm, humid air collects in the lowlands during the day and creeps gently up the mountainsides at night, a combination that allows coffee to thrive at much higher altitudes than most of the rest of the country, as much as 2,300 meters above sea level.

Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley (30%)

Origin Papua New Guinea
Region Waghi Valley
Variety Various
Altitude 1400-1800 masl
Proc. Method Washed

Kunjin is a centralized plantation mill that purchases cherry from smallholder farmers in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Through the centralizedmilling and drying, our partners on the ground control quality at the processing level: Dday lots are cupped and separated to build our containers, and lots which are microlot-worthy are processed separately.

Kunjin comes from smallholder farms located between 1400–800 meters, from the Waghi Valley in Western Highlands, in close proximity to the town of Mount Hagen. Coffee is processed in a leased, vintage John Gordon–brand wet mill in an old plantation, as owning a mill or even property in PNG is risky: It takes years to establish a reputation of trust with the local tribes, and there is always risk of losing a deal or relationship over the perception of division of wealth.For more information about coffee production in Papua New Guinea


*All info courtesy of Cafe Imports*

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