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Colombia Gran Galope


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Tasting Notes:  green grape, toffee, chocolate

Origin Colombia
Region Huila
Variety Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Altitude 1700 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed


In an effort to be a better partner to our coffee-farming friends in the South of Colombia by buying more of their fine coffee and paying a premium better than they can find in the local market, we are strengthening our relationships while simultaneously introducing a product to Specialty Coffee roasters that is solid, flexibleand relatively inexpensive. This is a win-win for producers and roasters. Our goal is always to find more good homes for more of the crop from our partners.

The average coffee farmer in Cauca and Huila has about 1.5 hectares of coffee land and will produce about 50 bags of coffee per harvest. During the few months of harvest season,he or she will bring to town on a Saturday 10 or so bags of Pergamino to sell. We pay a premium based on cup scores; higher score equals higher premium. 90 points is over $4.00. Above 88 pointsmeans a micro-lot premium and 86 pointsequals our Regional Select premium.

*All info courtesy of Cafe Imports”

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